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Radio Times review

What's on telly? Pass the Radio Times…

Radio Times
The channel list can be set to just the ones you have (or just the ones you watch...)

Our Verdict

Sometimes unwieldy and counter-intuitive, but it's rich and handy


  • Build customised schedule
  • Link to other sites
  • Good help system


  • Sluggish
  • Slightly confusing at times

While the programme guide in the Sky+ app doubles as a listings guide, it's not ideal if you only have terrestrial TV. It's time to put the queen of listings, the Radio Times, in the palm of your hand…

You can tell it what channels you have and preset them (although inclusion of regional variants would be welcome). Or you can scroll through by channel or time, read a description with RT ratings, and search for the show on Wikipedia, YouTube and iPlayer. You can even mark shows as favourites to create an à la carte schedule for yourself.

It's a little sluggish, and sometimes confusing, but it has a good help system, and you can build customised channel groups.

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