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OCZ Reaper HPC PC2 8500 review

Killer RAM for a knockdown price

152 pounds nets you 2GB of 1066MHz memory for dual-channel joy

Our Verdict

Extremely competitive on price, this is the high performance memory your Core 2 Duo wants


  • Great performance

    Bargain price

    Nice design


Memory maestro OCZ is just going from strength to strength at the moment. Not only is the company consistently producing excellent products, but those products are very fairly priced, undercutting high-end competitors by a hefty margin.

Take this, the company's new passively cooled 1066MHz memory: the Reaper HPC (heat pipe conduit) kit. 152 pounds nets you 2GB of 1066MHz memory for dual-channel joy, with rated latencies of 5-5-5-15.

Opt for Corsair's competing Dominator part - same speed, same latency - and you'll find an extra 60 pounds on your bill. That's a colossal difference... and the crazy thing is, the Reaper memory came out a tiny bit faster in our Company of Heroes comparison benchmarks.

Alright, so on average, it came out all of 1FPS faster; 99FPS to the Dominator's average of 98FPS. Which is basically zero when you're talking about the overall gaming experience, but the point is, the Reaper kit is at least as competent as the current performance king, and a hefty 60 pounds cheaper.

152 pounds for 2GB of high-end 1,066MHz DDR2 is an unprecedented bargain in our books - it's as simple as that. Plus, if you want to overclock it in future, the RAM's heatpipe system also provides cooling enough to raise the bar a wee bit further. A resounding win all round, then!