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Lenovo ThinkPad X60s review

A great ultraportable for the price

A tiny light is activated by a hotkey for working in dark conditions, something frequent flyers will enjoy

Our Verdict

Overall the Lenovo is a powerful tool that is ideal for the mobile professional at an excellent price


  • Slim and stylish


    Keyboard and extras




  • Battery life

    Image vibrancy

Lenovo's ThinkPad range is one of the world's most famous corporate laptop brands. Slim, light and with built-in wireless broadband internet, the Lenovo ThinkPad X60s (£1363 inc. VAT) is the professional's choice.

One of the slimmest and toughest ultraportables around, the 1.4kg chassis is easy to carry and use, even in cramped travel conditions.

When working on the move, we recorded a battery life of 150 minutes, which is less than ideal. ThinkPads are recognised for their high-quality keyboards and the X60s is no exception. Wide with large and well-spaced keys, the board has a flawless typing action. Due to the compact chassis, a pointing stick is used for onscreen control, which users will either love or hate.

To illuminate the keyboard in dark conditions, a tiny light is fixed above the screen panel. Activated by a keyboard hotkey, frequent flyers will appreciate the feature. To add biometric security, a fingerprint scanner lets you protect important data without using passwords.

As with most corporate laptops, the 12.1-inch screen uses a standard TFT coating to eliminate reflections. The downside is that images lack the vibrancy offered by Super-TFT screens, but the improved visibility in all conditions is worth the sacrifice.

For wirelessly accessing the internet at broadband speed, a Vodafone 3G module is built in. Monthly price plans range from £25 to £95, depending on your download allowance. Access speeds are similar to home connections and ideal for receiving email on the move.

While using an older processor from Intel's Core Duo range, performance exceeds basic use. Even when viewing a PowerPoint presentation, while writing an email and running a virus scan, the Lenovo ran at good speed, without slowing down.

All business

The 80GB hard drive is average and suits business data, but is bettered by other models of this calibre. To protect against damage, a motion sensor stops the disk from spinning if the chassis is hit or dropped. Due to its small design, no optical drive is included.

Improving usability, a range of software tools are preinstalled. Making it easy to configure advanced system settings, as well as get the best from all aspects of your system, this feature alone puts the X60s a cut above the competition.

Continuing Lenovo's reputation for reliable and well-made corporate laptops, the ThinkPad X60s is as good a business system as you could hope for. Even the price is reasonable and travelling business workers would be hard-pressed to find a better system at this price.