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Canon HV20 review

Compact, well connected and a great performer

A lot has been packed into the HV20, but it's far from bulky

Our Verdict

Easy to use and with great high-def functionality, the HV20 is a superb example of a modern HD camcorder


  • Great picture quality across the board

    Excellent value for money


  • Can suffer from wind noise

    Fixed viewfinder

Ease of use: 4/5. Lovely ergonomic design with well-placed buttons and superb manual control. Fixed viewfinder a bit of a pain though.

Features: 4/5. Lots of great features and excellent connectivity. Full inputs and outputs plus 25P a definite advantage.

Picture performance: 5/5. Superb quality in a wide range of situations. Slight grain in lower light but no more than can be expected.

Sound performance: 4/5. Upward-facing stereo mic gathers all-round audio surprisingly well, but slightly susceptible to light wind noise.

Value for money: 5/5. Overall, the HV represents superb value for money especially when considering the abundance of features and functions.


If you're looking for great value high definition without sacrificing functionality, the HV20 is a great place to start. Its comprehensive connectivity coupled with fantastic user-friendliness and superb playback quality make it the leader in its class.