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Norton aiming to combat 'madware' on phones

Norton to release new virus protection for mobiles to combat 'madware'
Safety first: Norton's desktop protection is coming to your mobile

Norton is to release anti-adware software for mobiles. The tech is available as an app called Norton Spot. It has been designed to specifically deal with adverts that aggressively push themselves into unwanted areas of your phone.

Norton says that aggressive use of mobile ad networks has jumped 31% in the last 9 months. The ad networks are pushing adverts into people's notification bars, photo galleries and even changing their ringtones. Norton has dubbed these ads 'madware'.

A rising problem

The digital security company estimates that 49% of all apps that use advertising to monetise are actually utilising the most aggressive ad networks.

"It's the perfect name for these overly aggressive ad networks – they can be maddening," said Norton mobile security expert Richard Clooke.

"Free apps can come with some unwelcome surprises that noisily clamour for your attention and clutter your phone. We're giving the power back to consumers to enjoy their mobile devices without the annoying side effects of apps using aggressive advertising techniques."