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Panasonic promises 'unique' new DSLR next week

Nikon DSLR
Panasonic could well join Nikon in offering a video-capable DSLR

Hot on the heels of Nikon's recent unveiling of its video-shooting D90 DSLR, Panasonic in Japan tells us it has something special in the bag for next week.

The Tokyo firm says it will be presenting a new DSLR next Friday and that it sports plenty of "unique features".

HDTV too?

Quite what those are, we won't know for a few days, but it's a safe bet that the new Lumix will join the D90 in being able to record high-definition video.

On top of that, it's hard to imagine what else beyond a massive boost in the megapixel count and, perhaps, a price lower than comparable DSLRs will back up a cheeky pre-announcement made over a week before the main event.

German show

Otherwise, the new Lumix will then make its public debut at the Photokina event that starts in Cologna on 23 September. The same show will also likely see a new DSLR from Sony.