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Apple iPhone launch - live!

"'This is a liminal experience. Do you know what a liminal experience is?,' said Johnny Samson, a video producer, who purchased one of the first iPhones. 'I've gotta go. I don't want to get robbed.'"

12:03pm - First pictures of iPhone owners

Engadget has posted some of the first pictures of proud iPhone owners . We're not jealous at all (sob).

11.59pm - BMW welcomes the iPhone

BMW has become the first car company to welcome the arrival of the iPhone. A brief statement on its US website reads:

"In 2004, BMW was the first to integrate the iPod into BMW vehicles and have customers take full control of their music on the road. So it seemed only logical that BMW be among the first to ensure iPhone owners have the same ability to enjoy their music, plus the added benefits of Bluetooth® hands-free calling across our model line. We are pleased to announce that BMW owners can use their iPhone in this way from day one."

11.51pm - The first Apple iPhones unboxed is showing an iPhone being unboxed live on its site. Good luck getting a peek though - the site has an 800 viewer limit, and it's already choked.

You can however see still images of a separate unboxing, posted by flickr user ajmiarka .

11.46pm - iPhone launch gives Steve Jobs 'butterflies'

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has admitted he's nervous about the iPhone's launch today.

""We wanted to make a phone so great, you couldn't imagine going anywhere without it," Jobs told the USA Today last Thursday. "That was our goal, and we think we achieved it. That's why we have such butterflies in our stomach. We get to see Friday if people agree with us."

11.38pm - The US online Apple Store is down

It's being updated to sell the iPhone and official Apple accessories. Maybe more?

11pm - The Apple iPhone is on sale now

Apple Stores up and down the eastern seaboard of the United States have opened to cheering crowds . The first iPhones are being snapped up now.

Queues at Apple's New York Store fit to burst has posted some amazing pictures of scenes from the iPhone launch in New York. It says queues are now reaching around the block from the Fifth Avenue Store.

If you're not in line now, no iPhone for you

Reports are coming in that the queues at many Apple Stores have now reached capacity, with at least 250 people standing in line. This means that if everyone in the queue buys two iPhones that the Apple Store at that location will sell out.

People in the queue are being handed numbered wristbands by Apple employees, with 50 shoppers allowed to enter the store at a time. Apple is obviously hoping to avoid the violence and mayhem that has accompanied the launch of some games consoles in the US, notably for the Sony PlayStation 3 .

Apple has been handing out bottles of water to those in line throughout the day. Mind you, so have street teams from a Microsoft subsidiary, who are maybe trying to catch some of the iPhone's buzz.

AT&T's EDGE network gets speed boost ahead of launch

Mobile phone users on HowardForums are reporting massively increased mobile web surfing speeds using AT&T's EDGE network. The news, if true, will prove a boon to iPhone users, especially as EDGE speeds from the US mobile network have been heavily criticised in the past.

AT&T has reportedly spent $50 million (£25 million) on improving its network speeds - the results of which have obviously been timed to coincide with the launch of the iPhone today. HowardForums user LIVEFROMNYC says:

"I just noticed a huge (stable) increase in EDGE speeds on both my iMate SP5 and my IPAQ 6945. I even called my friend to confirm speed on his EDGE RAZR and he notice a big difference in speed too. So I'm not bugging out. I'm in Queens, he is in Manhattan.

"Using IE and Opera browser is MUCH faster, and I'm using Google Maps Mobile on Satellite Settings (Picture) with ease, something I could not do on EDGE without waiting forever just yesterday. I had to double check and make sure I wasn't connected to my WiFi, that how much the increase feels.

"I not saying it is faster than 3G or whatever. (I don't even know 3G speeds), but this is an huge improvement. And I think it's just in time for the iPhone."