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Samsung's first Tizen phone shown off in hands on video

Samsung's first Tizen phone shown off in hands on video
We like... the colours

The rumours of a Samsung Tizen smartphone have been flying around for some time, but things have just taken a step up in the form of a video showing the new operating system in action.

The open source Linux-based OS has popped up running on the Samsung Z9005 RedWood, a phone similar to the Galaxy S3 in specs, which has teased itself before.

But now we're treated to a 9 minute video from Sammobile which walks us through a live test of Tizen version 2.2, showing off the various menu layouts and the Camera interface.

Eye of the Tizen

Although it's an alternative to Android, Tizen doesn't appear to be a whole lot different to the TouchWiz UI right now.

Plus, some of the Galaxy features such as "Smart stay", which dims the brightness when you're not looking at your phone, appear on the Tizen OS too.

Samsung hopes Tizen will one day be powering everything from phones to TVs to cars. While the Z9005 seems to be just a developer handset right now, this could be a sign that Tizen isn't far away from consumer hands.