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Samsung Galaxy S3 to be one of world's thinnest phones

Samsung Galaxy S3 to be one of world's thinnest phones
The Samsung Galaxy S3, a thin phone - who'd a thunk it?

The Samsung Galaxy S3 could be arriving in less than three months, and push the boundaries of phone sleekness again.

According to South Korean title Electronic Times News, the new phone will reportedly come in a package that's just 7mm thin, making it one of the thinnest on the market.

However, it wouldn't be THE thinnest, thanks to the Huawei Ascend P1 S, which launched to great (ish) fanfare at CES this year popping up at 6.68mm thick.

PCB thin-win

Printed circuit boards will allow the phone to be made up to 20% thinner according to the title, with the Galaxy S3 development team in place for nearly a year already in its quest to stay ahead of / topple the iPhone (depending on which report you read).

The media outlet also stated the Samsung Galaxy S3 release date has been set for May, which would likely put it slightly ahead of the iPhone 5 launch and allow Samsung to create some early hype for its flagship phone.

There's very little else in terms of specs or details on when Samsung will actually announce the 'delayed' phone – but it seems the notions that it will be a quad-core behemoth with a larger Super AMOLED HD screen and Ice Cream Sandwich are pretty much nailed on.

From Electronic Times News (translated)

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