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Samsung finally announces Jet Ultra edition

Samsung Jet Ultra edition 'released' in the UK
Samsung Jet Ultra edition 'released' in the UK

Samsung has finally announced the Jet Ultra edition - and will be making it exclusive to O2.

While the release has only come today, the phone has been available on the site for a number of weeks.

The Jet Ultra edition isn't much of an upgrade either over the disappointing first Samsung Jet - essentially the headline grabber is the fact it now has BBC iPlayer on board.

This means that users can use Wi-Fi to download videos from the service on demand and watch them wherever they go.

Social aspects

Users will now get social networking integration with the Samsung Jet Ultra edition, although we're still waiting to see what this will actually mean - or whether it's just a widget that sits on the front screen.

And the other big change - it now comes in black with a silver band on the front. We know - this world as we know it is constantly changing.

Available from O2 for £25 a month, head on over to the online store if you the 'normal' Jet wasn't Ultra enough for you.