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OMG! Brck 4 Prez!

Americans go crazy for election night texts
Americans go crazy for election night texts

Americans have a new President - and a new text messaging record.

AT&T has reported that the hour following the announcement of Tuesday's election results saw text messaging traffic across its network surge by 44 percent, the biggest increase ever.

This election has been the first time that texting has played a major part in voter's lives.

Rock the Vote, an organisation aiming to drive voter registration and turnout among young adults aged 18-29, launched a short code that allowed youngsters to receive election information and reminders via text.


In third quarter 2008 earnings, AT&T reported that more than 64 billion text messages crossed its network, and a recent Nielsen study reported that US consumers now use their mobile phones for text messaging more often than they do for talking.

These numbers are all the more remarkable given that AT&T recently increased the price of text messaging from 15 to 20 cents (13p) per message - and remember that most Americans pay to receive as well as send text messages.

Given that there are just 140 bytes of user information in a SMS text, that's the equivalent of around $1500 (£950) per megabyte of data.

Perhaps President Obama will address this rip-off and deliver some real 'chnge u cn blieve n' when he takes office in January.