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Apple awards best iPad and iPhone apps

Apple Design Awards 2010 announced at WWDC this month
Apple Design Awards 2010 announced at WWDC this month

Apple has listed its winners for the best iPad and iPhone app designs at WWDC this week.

A number of our favourite games and apps such as the stunningly-addictive Doodle Jump and the virtual artists' Brushes for iPhone picking up well-deserved awards.

Top ten iPad and iPhone apps

Any iPhone or iPad owner will always have a list of their own favourite and most-frequently-used apps.

With hundreds of thousands of apps now available to download from the iTunes App Store, sifting through the chaff can be quite daunting for new users, which is why it is useful to have top ten lists and editor's picks and favourites to help you select the best.

Apple's own WWDC Design Awards recognized a number of leading apps based on "technical excellence, innovation, technology adoption, and quality."

The winners for the 2010 Apple Design awards were (with direct iTunes links):

What do you think of Apple's choices? Have they missed out any vital iPad or iPhone apps from the list of app design winners?