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Japan says no: dismisses Apple claim against Samsung

What's that now? Apple 6 - 3 Samsung?

Japanese courts have dismissed Apple's claims that Samsung breached its intellectual property relating to its media syncing tech.

It's not the same lawsuit that saw the Americans find Samsung guilty of various infringements before issuing a billion dollar fine, so there's no precedent being set here particularly.

Apple filed the lawsuit in Japan in August 2011 after deciding the method in which Samsung devices were sharing media over wireless networks was a copy of its own technology in iOS.

But Judge Tamotsu Shoji dismissed the claims after just a few minutes of deliberation.

Happy Samsung

"We will continue to offer highly innovative products to consumers, and continue our contributions toward the mobile industry's development," said Samsung in response to the friendly news from Japan.

Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of the Apple vs Samsung patent war in which we as consumers are definitely the winners.

From Telegraph