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Apple supplier: iPhone 5 orders 'several months' late

Apple: still schtum on timing
Apple: still schtum on timing

Fuel has been added to the iPhone 5 delayed launch fire by yet another supplier, which claims that orders for the new build are "several months later than usual."

Gene Munster, analyst for Piper Jaffray, cites two "concrete data points" as his source, one of which is an iPhone manufacturing equipment supplier who told him that they received orders for the equipment later than normal.

Just what those supplies are we do not know, but our colleagues at have handily tidied all the rumours up into one iPhone 5 video below:

You know what month is "several months" after June? September. You can see where we're going with this.

Apple usually launches new iPhones in June at its WWDC developer event, but this year has seen rumour after rumour suggest that the fifth generation iPhone will usurp the iPod at Apple's September music event.

September rain

Munster has also been doing a bit of date-related maths, looking at the amount of time that Apple usually waits between iOS launches and handset launches.

Based on previous launches, he postulates that if Apple unveils iOS 5 at WWDC, we can expect the iPhone 5 to launch around the end of August and go on sale in early September, as per his table below.

Also foreseen by Munster is a 4-inch display for the iPhone 5 which will serve as a "window into the software"... also known as a screen.

iPhone dates

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