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HP brings Wi-Fi printing to iPhone

The HP print blurry snap app?
The HP print blurry snap app?

Hewlett Packard has announced that it has developed a free application for iPhone that will allow you to print out your photographs on the company's printers.

The free app, which will be shown off during January's CES but is available now, will allow to print out 4 x 6 inch photographs to any HP printer that is attached to a Wi-Fi network (and presumably which you have access to).

HP points out that it was keen to cut out the middleman in the process of photo printing, by taking out the step where people transfer their data onto a PC before they get the chance to print it.

Jpg only

It's an early iteration so there are inevitably a few complaints already being levied at the app – including the fact that any phone call received at the critical moment may disrupt the printing process and the app only supports jpegs.

But, the usual free app 'something for nothing' caveat applies – and the chances are that HP will be extending the application to add more functionality at a later date.