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YouTube shakes up comments again as it tries to quell the uprising

YouTube shakes up comments once again
All under one roof

When YouTube introduced the new Google+ comment system, the ability to manage comments easily from the YouTube Inbox was removed – and it was kind of annoying.

Now that feature has returned in the form of a new comment management page, which will let you see, respond to and moderate comments all on the same place.

YouTube's move is a response to some pretty overwhelming negative feedback from users, with over 200,000 signing a petitiion against the integration of Google+ with YouTube commenting.

Fight the power

"Many of you have told us that you use your YouTube Inbox to manage comments," said YouTube in a statement. "With the new commenting system moving comment notices to alerts, removing this feature was, well, a bummer."

It sure was. And so YouTube said it "fast-tracked" the development of the new comments management page, which you can go see at

It doesn't fix the unpopular new commenting system, but you'll be able to easily look through comments, flag the spammers, and dish out the thumbs ups to your favourite remarks.