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Yahoo releases Sketch-a-Search iPhone app

Yahoo's new Sketch-a-Search app for iPhone
Yahoo's new Sketch-a-Search app for iPhone

Yahoo has released two new iPhone apps for Search and Sketch-A-Search this month, with the latter app being a particularly innovative new location-based searching tool.

Yahoo made the announcement of its two new iPhone applications on its corporate blog this week. No word on when the apps will be available outside of the US yet, but we imagine this will only be a matter of days.

Sketch then search

Yahoo's new dedicated search app will of course be going up against similar apps from Google and Microsoft's recently released Bing app for iPhone. Microsoft's Bing app was released in December.

However, it is the new Sketch-A-Search which Yahoo hopes will capture users' imaginations, which gives you a map of your local area and then lets you sketch out an area on the map for a local search. A superb way of quickly filtering down your search to a very localized area.

Right now, the app only supports local restaurant searching in the U.S., but Yahoo promises to expand its scope to other activities and countries soon.

Via Venturebeat