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Full HD1080p streaming coming YouTube

YouTube to get Full HD makeover
YouTube to get Full HD makeover

YouTube is to offer up Full HD 1080p quality videos in the next few days, with news that a number of changes are being rolled out on the video-upload site.

The Full HD announcement was made at the NewTeeVee Live conference on Thursday, by the website's Director of Product Management Hunter Walk.

Currently YouTube does offer a High Quality mode on around 10 per cent of its clips but this only ramps up the footage to 720p HD Ready quality.

The new 1080p feature will mean that users can enjoy Full HD goodness which will be great news to those who view the site through their flat-screen TVs.

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Alongside this, there will be a new full-screen player, although quite what's new about it is still unknown.

At the conference, Walk also hinted that there may be a non-Flash version of the site in the pipeline as well.

Although he didn't reveal plans outright, he mentioned YouTube was "interested in broad accessibility" and pointed out that an HTML 5-based YouTube player was being demoed at the event.

Via CNet