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Panasonic shows off PT-AE4000 projector

Panasonic's latest 1080p projector
Panasonic's latest 1080p projector

Panasonic has announced its newest Full HD home cinema LCD projector – with the PT-AE4000 targeted at a 'prosumer' audience.

Built for what Panasonic term a 'prosumer audience of savvy home theatre enthusiasts and audio video professionals' the new projector is equipped with Panasonic's new optical system and delivers 1920x1080 1080p picture.

Panasonic also crams in 100Hz Intelligent Frame Creation, three hdmi inputs, 1600 lumens brightness and an 80,000:1 contract radio.

2.35:1 wide screen

The PT-AE4000 offers a 2.35:1 wide aspect screen and is the successor to the popular Panasonic PT-AE3000.

Commenting on the new projector, Hartmut Kulessa, Marketing Manager Projectors of Panasonic said: "The AE4000 embodies the collective effort of our engineers' collaboration with movie image experts for an uncompromised picture quality, as well as offering many innovative features that seamlessly integrate the projector into the home theatre setup."

The Panasonic PT-AE4000 LCD home cinema projector has a UK release date of October 2009 with a recommended retail price of €2699 (£2360).