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Panasonic's plasma packing Freeview HD and Freesat HD arrives

Panasonic G20 - at the summit of plasma tech
Panasonic G20 - at the summit of plasma tech

Panasonic has announced the arrival of its latest plasma TV – the TX-P42G20B.

The plasma TV arrives waving a word's first banner, because it has both Freeview HD (DVB-T2) and Freesat HD (DVB-S) tuners inside.

So, if you still can't decide which free service to get your HD from, Panny is handing both of them to you on a plate.

The G20 is, of course, part of Panasonic's Viera series of TVs and offers THX audio certification and smoother images, courtesy of its 600Hz Sub-field Drive technology.

Skype and SD

There is also Viera Cast on board, so you can check out the company's widget selection and you will also be able to Skype to your heart's content on the TVs – a feature which was originally shown off at CES 2010.

Also available are two USB ports, an SD card reader and using one of the USB ports, you can record HD and SD content straight to an external hard drive.

Price-wise you are looking at around £1,099 for the panel – a decent price considering the HD content you will be getting for nada.

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