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Full HDTV video coming to mobile phones

Will we be ditching these and shooting everything on cameraphones soon?

If it isn't already obvious from the megapixel measuring contest phone makers indulge themselves in that phone imaging is the next big battleground, then this announcement from Renesas will make that doubly clear.

The Japanese chip specialist has one-upped all the competition by going not for more pixels per picture, but for a processor package that will allow cameraphones to shoot proper high-definition video.

Full HD TV

Its new application processor will be made public at a trade show in San Francisco in February, but it has revealed most of the details to whet the appetite.

The CPU will run at up to 500MHz, which is enough to process 1920x1080p video at 30fps. That video can be encoded in any of AVC/H.264, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 video formats.

First at 1080p

Renesas also tells us that the processor uses 65nm technology and 166MHz 64-bit SDRAM to work on HD TV in real time. Its chip is the first announced to make the step up from 720 to 1080 lines.