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Asus mobo overclocked via Bluetooth mobiles

Asus sent us this teaser photo
Asus sent us this teaser photo

Asus will show off its latest Republic of Gamers (ROG) P55-based Maximus III Extreme at Dreamhack, which intriguingly allows wireless overclocking via Bluetooth mobile phones.

The ROG board will be shown off starting later this week, with attendees getting the chance to get a glimpse of the cutting-edge flagship Asus mobo.

The ROG Maximus III Extreme features four-way CrossFire support and is based on the Intel P55 chipset.

ROG Connect

But much of the attention will be on the fact that you can overclock the board through your mobile phone's Bluetooth with Asus' ROG Connect.

"Perhaps the most innovative addition to ROG Connect, however, is RC Bluetooth, a feature which allows users to review the status of their systems' hardware and tweak parameters wirelessly from a Bluetooth-enabled PDA phone," explains Asus.

"RC Bluetooth is also capable of performing standard Bluetooth functions, such as stereo music playback, Skype messaging, internet access via a Bluetooth phone, and mobile phone or PDA synchronisation.

"All it requires is the press of a button located on the rear I/O panel to toggle between overclocking and standard modes."

It's certainly an intriguing option, although we're just waiting for the news of someone finding their computer overclocked to melting point by a rival during a bout of gaming.