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Panasonic joins the HD-filming DSLR brigade

Panasonic Lumix G HD
Panasonic Lumix G HD

As soon as Nikon announced that its new flagship DSLR, the D90, was to house a 720p movie mode, it was inevitable that other camera companies would follow suit.

Just last week Canon trumped the D90 with its update to the EOS 5D, making it a DSLR capable of filming 1080p footage.

And now along comes Panasonic with its latest prototype DSLR that (surprise, surprise) moonlights as a videocamera.

Coined the Lumix G HD, Panasonic is set to debut the camera at this year's Photokina, which starts in Koelnmesse, Cologne, tomorrow.

G1 update

Specs-wise, it is all a little hush hush – as was the camera until some eagle-eyed Photokina attendees spotted it. But rumours are abound that it's a straight update to the Lumix G1 range, spiced up with video footage.

The G1 was only just announced this month, coming under the banner of the 'world's first Micro Four Thirds system camera'. It features a 12.1MP sensor, 3-inch Live View viewfinder and AF to 23 focal areas.

As the Lumix G1 isn't out until October, don't expect the prototype Lumix G HD to hit shelves until next year at the earliest.