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YouTube live broadcasts begin next week

The MythBusters will be recreating the Mona Lisa live
The MythBusters will be recreating the Mona Lisa live

It's been a long time on the cards, but YouTube is turning webcaster as of next week, hosting YouTube Live.

Back in October, TechRadar informed you on rumblings about the Live concept, but no solid date was given. Finally the folks at the website have plonked for 22 November.

Highlights of the live show include singer Katy Perry and YouTube's favourite cover-song girl Esmee Denters.


Speaking about the show, YouTube spokesman Chris Di Cesare said: "The value of YouTube is we've created this platform that's been driven by the community, so this is in reaction to that.

"Having a community event that the community values benefits all involved."

Other entertainers for the event include Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman from the show MythBusters, where they will recreate their YouTube hit, where they instantly paint the Mona Lisa with a massive splatter gun.