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BBC: iPlayer should be international

BBC wants global domination with the iPlayer
BBC wants global domination with the iPlayer

The BBC's director of future media and technology, Erik Huggers, has revealed in an interview that the company has big plans for the iPlayer, that may well see the service opened up globally.

Speaking at the Screen Digest conference, Huggers laid out plans for the future of the iPlayer and revealed his want for global domination, stating: "The internet is, by definition, a global medium, yet today we are artificially blocking international access to the iPlayer.

"That's a problem, in my mind, and a big challenge for the industry."

Embracing social media

Huggers also outlined his concern that the BBC needs to embrace the social side of the internet, fearing that the site isn't interacting with its audience enough.

"I know that is the third biggest web property in the country, yet every time I go there I feel completely alone. Instinctively, I know there are other people on the site so the idea is connecting audiences with programming and with each other, embracing that big theme of social media," he said.