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In-ear Denon headphones go upmarket

In-ear, or ear canal headphones are fast becoming the obvious choice for discerning music lovers on the go. For many, the snug fitting devices offer enough natural noise reduction to rival even the most advanced electronics-based noise cancelling headphones.

And now Japanese giant Denon has launched an upmarket £150 in-ear headphone that has been lovingly crafted by its top engineering boffins.
Despite the relatively modest cost, the new

AHC-751 canal-type headphones

have been developed by Denon's top engineers - the same team responsible for its £5,000 flagship hi-fi components.

They have chosen to build the units from ultra-rigid machined aluminium in a bid to keep resonance under control. And they have employed what Denon describes as an "acoustic optimiser structure", said to help bring out ideal acoustic characteristics in the music. It does this by adjusting the sound pressure around the headphone's diaphragm, to improve dynamics.

The output of the AHC-751 has also been 'tuned' to offer warmer bass, a smoother sound and "exceptional detail delivery". The units are said to be highly efficient, helping extend the battery life of any accompanying portable music players. Further audiophile features include a tangle-resistant Pure-OFC cable and gold-plated phono plugs.