You’ll soon be able to buy Microsoft’s souped-up Surface Book in the UK

Microsoft has announced that its new Surface Book with Performance Base (Core i7 revamp of the device) will go on sale in the UK at the start of next year, and is out in Australia (and New Zealand) now.

The refreshed hybrid has already been on sale in the US and Canada where it has performed strongly according to Microsoft, and the company said it would be available ‘early next quarter’ in not just the UK, but also Austria, France, Germany, and Switzerland in Europe.

Further afield, China, Hong Kong and Japan will also get the considerably peppier Performance Base version (it’s twice as fast as the original in terms of graphics performance) of the convertible at the same time.

So that’s eight new territories it will reach in the New Year, and here’s hoping it’ll be January when this happens (although it was February when the original Surface Book landed in the UK, following an October launch in the US – a four-month delay).

Globetrotting hybrid 

And as mentioned, you can now buy the new Surface Book in Australia and New Zealand, which will make for a total of 12 markets the device is available in (adding in the US and Canada).

UK pricing isn’t yet clear, but of course this won’t be a cheap piece of hardware – over in the US it starts at $2,399 (around £1,890), and in Australia the price for the base model is AU$3,799.

Pre-orders should go live soon in the UK, we’d imagine, either later this month or next month depending on the exact timeframe we’re looking at for the arrival of the hybrid next quarter.

Less than a fortnight ago, Microsoft also brought the HoloLens to the UK and Australia, but the developer edition of the device will set you back an even more eye-watering £2,719 (and it’s AU$4,369 over in Australia).

Via: Windows Central

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