TechRadar's Deals of the Week: Sky Now TV box for only £10

TechRadar's Deals of the Week: Sky Now TV box for only £10
Grab a Sky Now TV box for only £10 and never be enslaved to the TV guide again

The recently released Now TV box is Sky's attempt at bringing internet TV functionality to those without the latest smart TVs. It offers up access to BBC iPlayer, BBC News and Demand 5, as well as the option of watching Now TV services from Sky if you want to fork out for a day or month pass, and it's all yours for only £10.

You can also sign up for a 1-month Now TV trial at no cost to see if the service is for you. If not, you still have access to all the terrestrial streaming services mentioned above for nothing. Marc Chacksfield, who recently reviewed the unit, says:

"The Now TV Box from Sky is one of the cheapest ways to make your current TV smart. Offering access to Sky's non-contract movie and sports services, as well as BBC iPlayer and a whole host of other streaming content, at this price there is now no excuse to have a 'dumb' television in your house."

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