Tap! gets a dedicated iPad app edition

Tap gets a dedicated iPad app edition

Tap! The iPhone and iPad magazine have launched a monthly iPad edition, with a bespoke interactive app going on sale today.

Tap! from TechRadar publisher Future, will be offering up an app edition each month at the same time as its Zinio and print offerings.

Tap! The iPhone and iPad magazine aims to help people find the best apps and games on the App Store, and the latest offering hopes to add a rich, intuitive and easy-to-navigate reading experience that makes the most of the iPad's revolutionary features.

Tap! On! iPad!

On top of this, game reviews feature videos of the action, while the Kit section boasts swipeable 360 degree photography.

Christopher Phin, Editor of Tap! says: "We wanted to create a magazine that took advantage of all the iPad's amazing features and the new Tap! iPad edition does just that."

You can grab the Tap! iPad editionfrom the Apple store and/or check out a video of Tap! in action below: