Our Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

Mother's Day gift guide 2014

Ah early May, we meet again. It's time for sunny skies, warm weather, and … wait, Mother's Day is Sunday?! Not again.

If you're flipping out over the lack of time to get mom the gift she'll really want: don't worry. We here at TechRadar are gift-giving experts and have a few ideas to totally crush that macaroni art project you gave her 10 years ago.

From the tech-savvy kind of mamas to the "honey, how do I get to Google?" We've got you covered.

We've got our first five gift ideas listed below, but more will be show up every afternoon until the big day on Sunday. Be sure to check back daily to see what the next gift is!

Give her the gift of Hemingway … or any writer really

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the all-around, cost-effective, PDF-reading champ. At $99 the Paperwhite has tons of reading options from the tie-in Kindle Store to a neat vocabulary builder. She'll never go without a book in her hand ... and something new to lecture you about on her weekly phone call.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Clean, crisp text. Just the way mamma likes it.

Here's an excerpt from our review:

The 6th generation Kindle Paperwhite is the best Kindle yet, it's the most cost effective e-reader on the market at $119 (in this spec range) and it easily beats the Kobo Aura on performance and design. Amazon has managed to create a fast e-ink tablet with inventive reading apps.

For the mother in motion

They say "40 is the new 20," and regardless if that makes sense to any millennial, moms all over the country are ready to take fitness plans into their own hands. And there's no better way to help her with her 2014 fitness goals than the Fitbit One.

With built-in sleep tracking and what is essentially a supped up pedometer, she'll be able to count her carbs, track her crunches, and make sure she's getting the best sleep possible. $89 is a cheap price to make sure mom makes it to 100, right? Because in like, a decade, 100 will be the new 40.

Fitbit One

It's unobtrusive so it won't mess up her wardrobe.

Here's an excerpt from our review:

"The Fitbit One is without a doubt one of the most versatile and useful fitness gadgets on the market. It's also fairly expensive. The truth is that there's nothing about the information from the Fitbit One that will make you lose weight. It's no magic bullet to weight loss. What it will do is hold you accountable. Every day you will know exactly how much you did or didn't do; whether you achieved your goals or failed miserably."

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