Our Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

Gardening Mama

When you think about mom, do the words "green thumb" come to mind? If so, maybe she should consult a doctor.

Kidding aside, Flower Power by Parrot – mentioned in our 2013 gift guide – has finally come to market and delivers exactly what it promised: a wireless way to manage plant health without ever leaving the house.

The plant science is a bit beyond our remedial understanding of chemistry, but the tech side is simple. Mom plants the sensor alongside her prize-winning begonias, downloads the dedicated iOS app (available on iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad mini and iPod touch 5th Generation) and within a matter of minutes the sensor will start transmitting real-time light, soil, and saturation conditions to the connected device via Bluetooth.

Either that, or play it safe with the new 3DS game.

Flower Power by Parrot

Predict the future by finding out about her past

While there hasn't been any great tech for fortune-tellers (we predict the iCrystalBall for a 2015 release), the best way for mom to learn about the future is by digging up her past. Thankfully, the people at Ancestry.com are there to help.

By combing the databases she'll be able to find out more about your family tree and even contribute to the project by adding her own little leaves – i.e. you. It's relatively simple to start and there are tons of tutorials to get her going.


Who knows, maybe you're related to royalty. credit: corporate.ancestry.com

You can purchase a gift subscription to Ancestry.com here!

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