It's Pi day, so we're celebrating our favorite irrational number with fruit

Pi Day

Today is Pi Day, the one day in the year where we get to celebrate that magic number 3.14 we know as Pi. Because the US writes dates starting with the month first and then the day, today is 3/14 — the perfect time to crack out those Pi puns and celebrations.

From mapping the surface of Saturn's moon to helping keep Earth's satellites in orbit, Pi has a multitude of uses in math and science when it comes to measuring anything to do with circles.

NASA is marking the day by focusing on education with tons to take part in, including tests. If you head over the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory site, you can take part in a series of very rational tests based around the famous irrational number.

Cooking lessons

To mark the day, let's take a look at our best projects with the Raspberry Pi:

There's a whole raft of Raspberry Pi projects to save for the weekend.

How about setting up your home with a remote control camera, a doorbell that texts you when rung, or controlled heating?

If you need some serious computing help, try setting up your own NAS or cloud service.

And if it's getting back to nature you crave, you can set up a Raspberry Pi to water your plants whilst you're out so they'll never be neglected again.

For entertainment junkies, you can play Minecraft on a Raspberry Pi, build your own R2-D2 or make your own media centre

Or for the hungry, just go to your local bakers and buy some pie.