Welcome to TechRadar's VR Month

TechRadar's VR Month

Virtual reality (VR) is well into its adolescent years, but there is still plenty to learn about this wild new world of entertainment and connectivity. With that, we're excited to present, in partnership with Oculus, TechRadar's VR Month.

This is a special content series of 19 articles that we'll publish throughout this month all about VR. You'll see articles covering everything from how to set it up, which games to buy and what it's like as a method for connecting with friends and family – to name a few topics.

VR Month is our chance to thoroughly introduce you to this new frontier in technology as it begins to hit critical mass in the public consciousness. VR is more accessible than ever, with new headsets not even requiring a connected PC.

So, this is a better time to jump in than any. Let us help you do just that – all December long – with VR Month. Here's everything we've published so far for VR Month, updated every day:

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