Want the VIP treatment? Buy a gold Apple Watch

Gold Apple Watch Edition
The most expensive Apple Watch comes with a few perks.

Skip queues, get one-on-one assistance, even connect to an Apple Store expert over a video link - these are all the perks you can expect to enjoy if you shell out £8,000 ($10,000, AU$14,000) or above for an 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition.

That's according to insider sources who've been speaking to 9to5Mac. You'll be entitled to hour-long appointments run by specially trained staff, and there are even going to be separate areas for Apple Watch Edition customers so you don't have to slum it with the folks who are buying the cheaper models.

There will be some restrictions: employees are being told to avoid bringing out more than two gold watches at any one time to reduce the risk of theft. Once you've put down your cash, you get two years of 24/7 technical assistance.

Sales of the century

Your wallet might be significantly lighter but at least you can get treated like tech royalty whenever you turn up at an Apple Store. If you're buying an Apple Watch or an Apple Watch Sport, you'll still get plenty of help.

A separate 9to5Mac report lays out how Apple is adapting its stores to start selling smartwatches. Sources say the dedicated display cases are going to offer a "magical" experience (flying doves? Coloured handkerchiefs?) and a full range of demo units.

When you turn up for a booked Apple Watch appointment, you'll be met by a specialist who can show you your chosen model and run through a few app demos. Some stores are going to be fitted with a separate try-on area where you'll be able to put the Apple wearable through its paces.

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