Finally, something about the Apple Watch that you can actually afford

Apple Watch
This smartwatch can come at a smart price.

One thing the Apple Watch isn't is cheap and that extends to replacement straps, which will cost $149 (£129, AU$229) for a leather or milanese loop, $249 (£209, AU$379) for a modern buckle and a wallet-trembling $449 (£379, AU$679) for a stainless steel link bracelet.

Buying an Apple Watch with one of the pricier straps included sees a similar price hike, but there are alternatives. 9to5Mac reports that various companies have started producing their own straps for Apple's wearable at far more affordable prices.

There's a crowdfunding campaign from Monowear Design for example, which will sell leather and stainless steel bands for just $80 (around £55, AU$100) each - $369 less than you'd pay for an official stainless steel strap.

Adapters and chargers

Alternatively you could pass on custom straps altogether and just use a standard 24mm one with a handy adapter courtesy of Click.

There are also more innovative options like the Reserve Strap, which features embedded batteries that charge your Apple Watch while you wear it.

The Apple Watch is going to be expensive no matter what, but with options like these and surely more to come you can at least keep the cost under control.

If you're okay with an aluminium case then you can simply buy the basic Watch Sport and pimp it out with an affordable third-party strap. But whichever model you go for it seems there's little reason to splash out on the pricier watch bands.

James Rogerson

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