2009 UK Blu-ray sales sail past 3 million

The Dark Knight - one of the more popular Blu-ray discs of 2009

The future is looking pretty bright for Blu-ray in the UK, if the British Video Association's sums are to be believed.

Taking data from the Official Charts Company, which puts current Blu-ray sales at 3.1 million for 2009, the BVA believes that there's been a 231 per cent year-on-year growth.

Growth of consumer confidence

This is good news for the format, considering we are in the midst of a recession and that fewer shops on the high-street are actually selling discs (RIP Woolworths and Zavvi).

Speaking about the results, BVA marketing manager Hannah Conduct said: "The continuing success of Blu-ray is testament to the growth of consumer confidence in the high definition format.

"There are now almost 1,500 Blu-ray releases in the market covering a breadth of titles. Seeing is believing with Blu-ray and the figures show that once consumers have experienced the format, they continue to spend their money on the product."

Via Digital Spy