Verizon’s new unlimited plan launches today

In a surprising move over the weekend, Verizon announced that it is bringing unlimited data back, and it’s launching the new plan today.

Simply called Verizon Unlimited, the plan includes the normal perks of a Verizon account, like its vast and generally speedy 4G LTE coverage. But it has also included HD video streaming into the mix, which is a cut-above T-Mobile One in that it doesn’t require customers to purchase a daily pass to consume high definition content.

$80 pays for a single line on Verizon Unlimited and it will cost you an extra $45 per line (up to four). For those who were pried away from their cherished unlimited plans years ago, this seems like a good opportunity to get back on the wagon.

Although, like everything that involves a telecoms company, there are some disclaimers to note in the plan. Verizon states that if you’re someone who really likes to take advantage of unlimited data (if you use more than 22GB per billing cycle), it will throttle your speeds to ensure that other customers don't suffer in the wake of your glutenous appetite for content. T-Mobile doesn't take action until the 26GB mark, but again, doesn't offer HD content out of the box, so to speak.

Also, this move comes shortly after Sprint announced its own unlimited plan, which costs only $50 for a single line, an extra $40 for the second and, here's where it has the upper hand against Verizon: the third, fourth and fifth lines are free to add on. For those in flux between carriers, this could be your next move.

But for Verizon customers who just want to break free of its many tiered plans and get back to the good old days of unlimited data, Verizon's new plan seems to do just that. 

Via The Verge

Cameron Faulkner

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