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Top Christmas gifts for Lego fans

Top Christmas gifts for Lego fans
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There are many Christmas gifts you can buy for Lego fans – because Lego is such a good gift, every single Lego set would effectively pass as a great present, so you're going to need help narrowing that selection down.

That's why we've come up with this list of the best Christmas gifts for the Lego fan in your life.

This Christmas gift guide includes sets from a few different Lego ranges, including franchise kits like Star Wars and Harry Potter, and more creativity-based and decorative sets like from the Classic and Architecture lines. Hopefully in this list you'll find that perfect Christmas gift you're looking for.

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Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

For that pre-Christmas gift

Appropriately Christmassy
December has already started

If you want something appropriately Christmassy as your Lego gift, the company sells a few different themed advent calendars, like Star Wars, City and Harry Potter. This Star Wars edition comes with loads of minifigures, as well as blocks to build mini versions of iconic starships and other things from the films series.

Sure, December is already underway, so you may have to hurriedly open a few doors if you buy this. However that only means the price might have lowered somewhat – or you could buy now and save it for next year.

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Lego Creator Gingerbread House

A truly Christmassy Lego set

Very Christmassy
Can't eat it

If you want a Christmas gift for a Lego fan that's truly Christmassy, this adorable gingerbread house would be perfect. It comes with the house itself, made of Lego blocks instead of gingerbread (so don't eat it), as well as two gingerbread people and even a little gingerbread baby, plus several other festive decorations.

This set makes perfect decoration around Christmas time, but it's also a good-looking set to display or play with all year round.

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Lego Star Wars Slave 1

An iconic Star Wars ship in Lego

Classic Star Wars ship
Not too pricey
Not great as decoration

If you're looking for a Lego Star Wars Christmas gift for someone who's a big fan, they may already own all the classic sets, so why not get them a popular, but not too popular, set? The Slave 1, ship of beloved baddie Boba Fett, is an iconic set (and comes complete with loads of figures like Han Solo and Princess Leia).

Compared to most big Lego Star Wars sets, the Slave 1 isn't prohibitively expensive, so it works well as a gift. As it lays flat down though, it's not great as decoration for your home, and looks a bit ugly when you're not playing with it.

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Lego Harry Potter Whomping Willow

A Lego recreation of the best Harry Potter scene

Best Harry Potter scene
Your own tiny Hogwarts
Willow doesn't really Whomp

For the Harry Potter fan in your life, this Lego Christmas gift is perfect; it recreates (arguably) the best scene from The Chamber of Secrets, where Harry and Ron fly a Ford Anglia into an angry tree.

This set comes with the Ford Anglia, the tree, and a tiny Harry, Ron and Hermione, as well as a small-scale Hogwarts complete with a few other characters, rooms, and various peripherals. It's the perfect Lego set: whoever receives the gift can play with it, but it'll also look great on a shelf too.

Just a word of caution though: the flying Ford Anglia doesn't actually fly, and the Whomping Willow doesn't really Whomp.

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Lego Architecture London

One of the most stylish Lego sets

Beautifully designed
Not much to play with

Buying a Christmas gift for someone British, or just an Anglophile? Then this Lego Architecture set is perfect. It takes some of the highlights of London's skyline including Tower Bridge, the National Gallery and London Eye, and displays them in miniature form, in a stylish and decorative way.

London isn't the only city to receive the Lego Architecture skyline, and you can buy similar sets of San Francisco, New York, Paris, Sydney and more. We chose London as an example as we're based in London (and it looks good) but there are plenty more to choose from.

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Lego City Police Station

A re-invented classic set

Classic Lego set
Pretty unrealistic interpretation of what police actually do

One of the most classic and beloved Lego sets is the City Police Station, which sees an update regularly, but each iteration is much like the last.

The set comes with three police offers, three criminals, and a police dog, as well as a helicopter, police car, motorbike, tow truck, and explosives. In addition lots of the walls come off and parts move, to facilitate lots of action play.

Sure, this action-packed play set doesn't accurately represent a police officer's job, but that wouldn't really make for a great toy.

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Lego Technic Land Rover Defender

Nearly as many parts as the actual car

Faithful adaptation
For older audiences

If you're buying a Christmas gift for an older Lego fan, perhaps this Land Rover Defender will be good for them? It's one of several car replicas in the Technic range, and it's one of the most affordable.

Technic sets are a little more technical than normal Lego kits (hence the name), so they're a little more adult in audience. But then again most people who can drive, or like Land Rovers, are probably older, so if you've getting a gift for someone who likes cars or is an adult, this would be perfect.

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Lego Classic Bricks Bricks Bricks

Make your own Christmas gift

Big collection of bricks
You need some imagination

Know someone who doesn't want to mindlessly follow instructions with their Lego sets? The Lego Classic range consists of boxes full of bricks of all shapes, sizes and colors, giving you free range to create what you want (within limits). 

This lets your gift recipient create their own Lego set, so there's no way of you accidentally giving them something they don't like. Sure, they'll need the imagination to come up with whatever wild and whacky creation they want, but this Lego set is a tool to find that creativity.