This massive PlayStation VR bundle is seeing price cuts across the US and UK

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PlayStation VR bundles have been in short order over the last few weeks as more and more spend their time in lockdown exploring new mediums of entertainment. With things starting to ease now, we're seeing supply catch up with demand, and plenty of PlayStation VR deals are now available.

That means you can once again pick up these fantastic Mega Pack five-game bundles in both the US and UK, with both countries even being treated to price cuts on these particular offers. 

Amazon is currently offering the PlayStation VR Mega Pack for $236.61 (plus $39 shipping) in the US and £229.99 (down from £299) in the UK. Considering you'll usually find a headset by itself for $299, picking up five big releases at the same time is an excellent offer to take advantage of. 

Included in this PlayStation VR bundle is PlayStation VR Worlds, Skyrim, Astro Bot, Resident Evil 7, and Everybody's Golf - a massive range of genres and experiences to get you started with Sony's virtual reality offering. 

These deals aren't going to stick around, though, so if you've had your eye on this particular peripheral for a while, you'll want to snap these prices up soon. If you're too late, you can find more of the best PlayStation VR bundles and prices right here on TechRadar. We might also see these headsets featured in this year's Black Friday deals come November.

Limited time PlayStation VR bundle deals

PlayStation VR Mega Pack | $236.61 at Amazon

PlayStation VR Mega Pack | $236.61 at Amazon
You're spending $236 on this five-game PlayStation VR bundle (plus $39 shipping). Even with that shipping cost, this is still an excellent offer, considering the PSVR headset by itself retails for $299. There's no Move controllers included in this bundle, but you're picking up a fantastic spread of titles to get you started.

PlayStation VR Mega Pack 2019 | £299 £229.99 at Amazon

PlayStation VR Mega Pack 2019 | £299 £229.99 at Amazon
These PSVR Mega Pack bundles are now available for £69 off at Amazon. That means you're picking up five massive titles for the PlayStation VR system as well as everything you need to get started with the hardware.

The PlayStation VR has been designed to work on the PS4 system. If you're not yet set up to get your cheap VR headset running, you'll be glad to know there are some excellent PS4 bundle deals available right now. If you're shopping for other options, check out the latest Oculus Rift and Quest deals and sales of the week, or shop our roundup of the best VR headset deals

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