This company promises to pay more for your old cell phone

This feature has been brought to you by Decluttr

Whether you have a non-working, battered Apple iPhone 7, a brand new one in its box, or a vintage Nokia E75 from 2009, there’s only one company that will pay the highest price for your cell phone; say hello to the new kid on the recycling block, Decluttr.

This company offers an alternative, simpler and safer way to turn your old cell phones (be it Apple or Samsung) into cash.

They also pay the fastest in the industry, with next day payments as standard. You can choose from four great payment methods too, including direct deposit, PayPal, check or even a charity donation.

Better than carrier buyback schemes

Carrier buyback schemes have grown in popularity driven by the massive marketing campaigns from the big four carriers and the high price of new flagship cell phones.

It is a little known industry secret that these schemes are by far the worst at unlocking the value of your used and old mobile handsets. Decluttr, one compelling alternative, pays 25% more on average than carrier buyback schemes.

It is worth highlighting the word “pay” as carriers do not actually pay you but instead offer customers the equivalent of a credit note that can be exchanged against future services on certain (restrictive) conditions.

To make things worse, that credit is almost always spread over a number of billing cycles with plenty of strings attached especially if you want to move to another network carrier further down the road.

A compelling alternative to auctions


With Decluttr, you know right from the start where you stand. You are given a free instant price for your phone which you are free to decline; all you need to do is search for your device then describe the condition.

Thanks to Decluttr’s Tech Price Promise, you’re guaranteed to get the first price they offer -  one that will be frozen for 24 days. If your price changes after quality assessment, you can request your device back for free with  the shipping  paid by Decluttr.

Don’t forget that Decluttr is totally free to use, from evaluating and sending your phone to receiving your payment. There are no auction or seller’s fees and you will not even have to pay for shipping regardless of the outcome.

To sum it up, Decluttr is the fastest buyer and pays the most for used cell phones. With market leading features like a free guaranteed instant price and payment the day after your phone arrives, it is easier and more reliable than selling your phone privately. An absolute no-brainer.

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