These PS5 accessories are a steal during Prime Day

Prime Day PS5 games and accessory deals
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If you've been lucky enough to find the console since its launch, you'll be pleased to know we're seeing some PS5 accessories discounted for Amazon Prime Day 2021. In particular, officially licensed mass storage drives and third-party chargers have been heavily discounted, so if you've been holding off on grabbing one of these, you should strike now before Prime Day is over.

Once you're done grabbing accessories, we're also seeing the Demon's Souls remake discounted, which stands as one of the best first-party titles for the console.

Today's Best PS5 accessories deals for Prime Day in the US

PS5 accessories deals in the US

PlayStation 5 Camera:$59.99$54.99 at Amazon

PlayStation 5 Camera: $59.99 $54.99 at Amazon
While it's a small discount, the PS5 Camera is currently available at a lower price than normal, so it's worth considering if you've been previously put off from adding the camera to your accessories lineup. 

PS4 Seagate 2TB hard drive:$88.89$59.84 at Amazon

PS4 Seagate 2TB hard drive: $88.89 $59.84 at Amazon
f you need to store some PS5 games that you aren't playing right now, or maybe some PS4 games you still want to play on your PS5, this is the way to go. Using the Seagate 2TB hard drive keeps your PS5's ultra-fast SSD cleared for actual PS5 games, while you can store backward compatible PS4 titles on the external drive, which is available under $60 for Prime Day.

OIVO PS5 Stand:$60.00$39.99 at Amazon

OIVO PS5 Stand: $60.00 $39.99 at Amazon
Want to keep your PS5 cool and charge your two DualSense controllers at once? Then you'll want to grab the OIVO PS5 cooling stand, which will help keep your PS5 properly vented, while also allowing you to charge two extra controllers. It's 33% off through the end of Prime Day.

More Amazon Prime Day PS5 deals

Demon's Souls:$69.99$49.94 at Amazon

Demon's Souls: $69.99 $49.94 at Amazon   

Bluepoint Games crafted a beautiful launch title for the PS5 with the Demon's Souls remake. It's one of the most gorgeous games available for the system, revisiting the world that started the "Souls" trend in beautiful fashion.

These are worth thinking about if you're a few months into owning a PS5, and you want to kit the console out. For anyone who has a deep library of digital PS4 games, the option to offload them onto a separate drive is most welcome – even if it means your combined setup of a giant PS5 and block of storage isn't necessarily that elegant.

Again, don't expect these to be around for long – and any Prime Day-specific gaming deals you find today will require Prime membership.

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