The PS5 release date has been hinted at by an unlikely source

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With Sony still holding out on confirming details such as the PS5 price and release date, we can only speculate on the finer details of the PlayStation 5 launch. After all, we know the next-gen console will release in the "Holiday 2020" period - likely sometime in November - and yet we still have no firm confirmation on these key details just (what's likely to be) two months before launch. No pre-order information, no pricing details, no release date. Nada.

So it's understandable that any small hint at a PS5 release date or price ignites hopes that maybe - just maybe - we will find out something soon. Even if they're not all winners.

The latest in these glimmers of hope comes courtesy of an Amazon listing for PS5 wall mounts. That's right: wall mounts. Spotted by an eagle-eyed Redditor (via our friends at GamesRadar) Amazon UK has posted a pre-order listing for Floating Grip wall mounts that claim to "make it easy for you to mount your console on the wall". But it's not the handiness of the accessory that spikes intrigue, rather the date it releases: November 19.

Amid rumors that Sony plans to release the PS5 in mid-November, this release date would fall right into the window we're expecting the PlayStation 5 to launch in. 

But is it trustworthy?

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Although a fairly recent report pointed to a potential November 13 release date for the PS5, just six days out from that date wouldn't be a huge surprise considering the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic - and the unpredictability Sony this year. Also, although this date would land on a Thursday (which seems like an odd choice), we did see Sony release the PS4 on Thursday, February 22, 2013.

Alas, we doubt the legitimacy of this rumor for a few reasons. For one, as mentioned above, previous reports point to a November 13 release date for the PS5 - with Sony ramping up its marketing for that date. Perhaps more importantly, we very much doubt the PS5 release date would be leaked by a wall mount listing on Amazon. 

We've seen plenty of retail listings that have been interpreted as PS5 leaks over the past few months and they've all turned out to be placeholder dates or prices. We wouldn't think this one would be any different.

Unfortunately, we will just have to wait until Sony finally rips the band-aid off and reveals the PS5 price and release date. While the company hasn't confirmed when that will be, we do expect full PS5 to come sometime in September.

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