The next episode of The Grand Tour looks like it's releasing on Amazon Prime at the end of 2020

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Still waiting for the next episode of The Grand Tour season 4? Well, if you were hoping for an imminent release, the long-awaited Madagascar special of The Grand Tour Presents is not on Amazon Prime Video US's schedule for October – which has recently been widely circulated by media outlets over the past few days. 

Since Amazon has previously confirmed that the special is releasing this year, with filming already completed before the pandemic, that means you're going to see it in November or December now (barring a surprise release). That's around a year after the release of the last special – December 2019's Seamen. 

Presenter Jeremy Clarkson is still regularly asked about it on Twitter – as recently as last week, Clarkson's response to when the Madagascar special was dropping was to "Ask Amazon", his regular way of replying to people asking about The Grand Tour's return.

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Aside from the occasional meme or social media video, The Grand Tour's social media accounts have been quiet on the subject since July. That's when it was confirmed the special would land later this year.

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With October about to start, then, it seems very unlikely we'll see The Grand Tour return next month – Amazon's original shows tend to have their release dates announced a month or more before they debut (with The Boys, Utopia and Truth Seekers being recent examples). This allows publicity to be built up for each show, including media interviews, trailers and so on.  

November or December, then, seem the most likely release dates for The Grand Tour's next episode. Time for a marathon in the meantime?

What happens after that?

As the July tweet mentioned, the plan is to film another special for The Grand Tour in Russia – Covid-19, of course, put that on ice. That means that after the Madagascar special drops on Amazon Prime, you could again have a long wait for another episode.

Still, at least you're going to see one episode of The Grand Tour this year. 

If it'll tide you over, the new season of Top Gear starts this week in the UK – US viewers can watch it on BBC America on October 18.

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