The best TV deals for Cyber Monday 2015

cyber monday tv deals

If you didn't snap up a cheap TV deal on Black Friday - today is Cyber Monday which now represents your best chance of picking up a TV bargain before Christmas!

On this page we're rounding up all of the best TV deals we can find on Cyber Monday - from small second screens right up to meaty 4K beasts!

Here are the best ones we've found:

There's £1,000 off this 65-inch LG OLED beast, now £2999 at John Lewis

And this 55-inch LG is one of the best-value 4K OLED TVs you can buy, now £2249 at John Lewis

Philips' impressive 50-inch Ultra HD Android TV is also a bit of a bargain at just £529 at

And if you just want a good-value 1080p TV, this Samsung 40-incher is a steal at £295 at Amazon UK

Best 4K Ultra HD TV deals for Cyber Monday:

Big-screen 4K OLED The most advanced TV tech with £1,000 off, now £2999 at John Lewis

Samsung HDR-ready 4K One of the best TVs we've reviewed at a great price, now £2399 at Amazon UK

Curved 65-inch LG 4K curved smart TV with £700 off, now £1999 at Currys

Full 65-inch LG 4K Beefy LG smart Ultra HD, was £2,199 now £1549 at Amazon UK

60-inch Nano-crystal 4K Samsung Ultra HD save £879.99, now £1420 at

60-inch Samsung Ultra HD TV Smart Ultra HD 60-inch TV, down to just £899 at Currys

55-inch LG OLED Curvy Ultra HD with LG's awesome OLED tech, now £2249 at John Lewis

Curvy 55-inch 4K Ultra HD Samsung curve with 6 months UHD Netflix, now £1299 at John Lewis

Sony Bravia 4K TV 55-inch Ultra HD Android TV from Sony now £1079 at John Lewis

£550 off this LG 55-incher 4K Ultra HD with over a third off, now £849 at Currys

Curvy 4K 55-incher from Finlux After some Ultra HD curves? There's now £200 off, down to £799 at Amazon UK

55-inch Ultra HD curves Save £300 on this 55-inch curved 4K TV from Hisense now £699 at

Beefy 55-inch Philips 4K TV One of our favourite 55-inch 4K Android TVs now £649 at

John Lewis 4K Get the own-brand (made by LG) 55-inch TV for £749

LG Ultra HD bargain 55-inch smart 4K, was £1,399 now £829 at Amazon UK

Big-screen Finlux 4K 55-inch Ultra HD with £100 off, now £599.99 at Amazon UK

Panasonic 50-inch 4K 50-inch Ultra HD with 42% off, now £689 at Amazon UK

Samsung Nano Crystal TV 50-inch smart Ultra HD TV, save £301 with six months Netflix, now £698 at Currys

Big-boy Philips 4K Android TV 50-inch 4K Android TV, now £270 off at £529 at

LG 49-inch Ultra HD 4K Ultra HD at 49-inches with £450 off, now £549 at Currys

Smart LG 4K Ultra HD with a 49-inch screen, was £1,099 now £649 at Amazon UK

Panasonic Ultra HD fun 48-inch Smart 3D 4K TV now £479 at Currys

48-inch Samsung 4K Save £200 on this Ultra HD TV with built-in WiFi now £689 at John Lewis

43-inch LG 4K £450 off this 43-inch Ultra HD TV, now £449 at Currys

43-inch Finlux 4K Small-scale Ultra HD panel £100 off, now £399.99 at Amazon UK

Philips 40-inch 4K Android TV Pick up this decent UHD TV, now just £379 at

Bargain Panasonic 4K LED 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV, 40-inch now £379 at John Lewis


Best Full HD and HD Ready TV deals for Cyber Monday:

50-inch Panasonic Viera Big-screen 1080p Panasonic TV with £40 off, now £479 at John Lewis

Samsung Curved TV Fancy some Full HD curves? Samsung's 48-incher is now only £499 at RGB Direct

1080p 48-inch Sony Bravia Sony Android TV down to £489 at

48-inch Samsung Save £270 on this Samsung 1080p TV, now £379 at

43-inch Sony Android TV 1080p smart TV, was £750 now £459 at Amazon UK

Sony Android 1080p TV 43-inch smart TV, was £800 now £499 at Amazon UK

42-inch LG smart 1080p webOS Full HD with 40% off now £399 at Amazon UK

1080p Samsung 40-incher Full HD 1080p 40 Inch TV for a cheap price of just £295 at Amazon UK

Hitachi 40-inch TV/DVD combi Save a third off this 40-inch 1080p TV with built-in DVD player, now £229.99 at

Panasonic TV Get a 32-inch TV - ideal as a bedroom screen - from Panasonic for just £179 at Argos

32-inch HD Ready Get this 32-inch TV from Hisense for just £199

24-inch HD-ready Samsung TV Second screen, 720p Samsung TV now £129.99 at Currys

Cheapo TV Get this Linsar 22-inch TV for just £99.95 - ideal for kitchens and bedrooms!


Best TV accessories deals for Cyber Monday:

5.1 LG Blu-ray cinema system £120.99 off this 1200W LG 5.1 home cinema Blu-ray system now £329 at Currys

5.1 Sony Blu-ray cinema system 1000W Sony home cinema system with £80 off, now £219.99 at Currys

5.1 Samsung Blu-ray cinema system Save £160 on this surround sound cinema system now £199 at

Panasonic Blu-ray player Blu-ray player with 4K upscaling with £50 off, now£79.99 at Currys

Blu-ray player Get this LG Blu-ray and DVD player for £49 at Argos

Curvy Blu-ray drive Match your curved TV with this sweeping Blu-ray player now£49 at

DVD player Want to just play DVDs? Get this Sony DVD player for just £24.99 at Argos

Portable DVD player for the kids Keep them entertained for just £59.99 in Blackor Pink

Portable DVD player Or get an even cheaper one from Alba for £49.99 at Argos

Google Chromecast bundle Get a pair of the new Chromecasts with £11 off, now £49 at PC World

Chromecast Audio bundle Get both the new Chromecast and Chromecast Audio with £11 off, now £49 at Currys

Nexus Player Android TV 8GB Smart TV box, now £59.99 at

Amazon's streaming stick Save a tenner on Amazon's Fire TV Stick, now £24.99 at Amazon UK

Easy streaming stick Roku Streaming Stick with £20 off, now £29.99 at Amazon UK

NOW TV box Half price box and 6 month Entertainment bundle, now £19.99 at

NOW TV box The latest NOW TV box with 4 month Sky Movies pass saving £21, now £19 at

Curvy Samsung soundbar Save £100 on this sleek, curved soundbar with wireless subwoofer, now £399 at

170W Sony soundbase Save £58 on this soundbase with built-in subwoofer, now£191 at

LG slimline soundbar 320W soundbar and wireless subwoofer with £110.99 off, now £239 at Currys

3.1 Panasonic soundbar Sleek 350W soundbar, £50 off, now £199.99 at Currys

2.1 JBL soundbar Get over £150 off this wireless JBL soundbar, now £199 at Currys

LG Soundbar with Integrated Sub Save yourself £70 with this deal for LG's soundbar now £59 at

LG soundbar 50W Bluetooth soundbar with 50% off, now £49.99 at

Soundbar This 100W Bush subwoofer "with built in subwoofer" is just £38.99 at Argos

2.1 Samsung soundbar Save £45.10 on this 2.1 Samsung soundbar now £89 at Currys

Wireless 2.1 soundbar Save £120.99 on this wireless soundbar from LG now£129 at Currys

Wireless Samsung soundbar Save over £100 on this wireless Samsung soundbar now £199 at Currys