Split-screen viewing for March Madness 2016 comes exclusively to Apple TV

Apple TV Split Scren March Madness App

Ah, March. The end of winter, the beginning of brighter commutes, and the hope that your team will be the one cutting down the nets at the end of March Madness. The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament has been must-watch television for years, but one of the struggles -- and yes, said struggle is real -- is keeping an eye on games that happen simultaneously.

For Apple TV users, this year's rendition of the tourney is going to be far more enjoyable on that front. The new NCAA March Madness app, which should go live prior to the tournament's start on March 15th, will offer split-screen viewability to those with the aforesaid set-top-box.

You'll still need a pay-TV subscription to take advantage, but the app's design will make it simple to get a real-time look at what tilts are ongoing. From there, you'll select a game for Screen Left and a game for Screen Right. With a shocking amount of immediacy, you'll be ushered into sporting nirvana.

If you're burdened with envy and aren't keen on springing for an Apple TV, there's always that bar down the street -- you know, the one whose middling IPAs and overpriced wings are overshadowed by 23 glorious HDTVs.