SBS brings On Demand app to Samsung Android devices

SBS On Demand
SBS wants to be On Demand everywhere you can stream.

The SBS TV On Demand app has been widely available on nearly every platform except Android - until now, as it finally makes its way onto Samsung devices.

"This launch really cements SBS's position as a leader in the online space, with SBS's catch-up viewing service - SBS On Demand – available across more platforms than that of any other broadcaster," said SBS Chief Digital Officer, Marshall Heald.

"We're trying to be everywhere that people want to enjoy us."

The app offers unlimited catch-up access to programs and clips from all SBS channels, and though free, you may want to keep an eye out on your data usage as it isn't unmetered.

The app will let you set up playlists, subscribe to programs and share videos through email and social media.

Samsung's help

Already available on 13 other platforms, including some smart TVs, iOS, Windows, as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, SBS On Demand has been a bit slow to the Android party.

Though the app is only available through the Samsung Apps store right now, Heald told TechRadar that this will only be for three months, after which SBS will be looking to expand onto other Android devices.

"Samsung has helped us produce the app. SBS is a very resource constrained organisation, so if we hadn't worked with Samsung, we wouldn't have the app," Heald said.

"We are committed to expand SBS On Demand across other Android devices. We will roll out On Demand onto other Android devices when we can financially afford to and we're confident it's going to work really well."

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