Samsung's Google TV won't be at CES 2012

No Google TV from Samsung at CES 2012
Cool your jets, Google TV fans

Samsung's Yoon Boo-keun has revealed that the company will not showcase its upcoming Google TV set at CES 2012.

The web-infused television may not be shown off at the show in Las Vegas, but Samsung will "probably" be able to reveal the expected release date of its Google TV television in January.

Boo-keun, head of Samsung's TV division, said, "The product will be revealed next year for sure but not at the CES in January, although we would probably be able to comment on the release date in Las Vegas."

More time please

With the company hanging fire on the Google TV side of things, what else can we expect from Samsung at CES 2012?

We're hoping to see the company unveil its 55-inch OLED TV which should hit the world's living rooms in time for London 2012 – although 2012 might be quite close to its price-tag in pounds as well.

While we admire any company that can stick its hands up and say "we need more time to perfect a product", time's a-ticking for Samsung with LG and Sony both also thought to be developing Google-TV-integrated television sets as well.

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