LG to step into Google TV void at CES?

Google TV
LG may pony-up with Google in Vegas

LG and Google are planning to team up to launch a Google TV-enabled set at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, according to reports.

According to sources with knowledge of the project, LG plans to pony up with Google, which is desperately looking for partners to boost its fledgling - and indeed failing - Google TV service.

The Bloomberg article comes just one day after Logitech announced it was leaving the connected TV platform calling its decision to go all-in on "beta" software a "gigantic mistake."

With Logitech bailing out on Google as soon as the heavily-reduced Revue set-top sells its inventory, Sony will be the only partner the search giant has left.

Much needed exposure

LG is the second largest TV-maker in the world it'd provide some much needed exposure for Google TV, if the set arrives at the annual Vegas tech fest.

It's also likely that Google TV may be integrated into a new version LG's Apple TV-like Smart TV set-top box.

Google has promised that the connected TV platform, recently equipped with Honeycomb and Android Market apps will come to the UK in early 2012.

However, fears about the lack of content available through the device have seen massively disappointing sales in the U.S., which doesn't bode well for the arrival on these shores.

Via Bloomberg

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