Asda to sell £50 HD TV for Boxing Day rush

Asda to sell £50 HD TV for Boxing Day rush
It's a toss up between this and £50 cash

Easy to type supermarket Asda will be offering an HD-ready TV for just £50 from Boxing Day this year.

It's a move that the retailer claims is intended to keep the peace as people gradually get sick of their families and just want to watch Harry Potter on their own in peace and god leave me alone mum, no I don't want another mince pie.

The problem is, says Asda, that Harry Potter clashes with Eastenders on New Years Day. Nightmare. You know what'll fix that? No, not recording one and watching the other, nor watching the DVD: you need a cheap 15.6-inch Venturer TV to put in another room.

High def, low cost

"We're glad to be doing our bit to support domestic harmony this Christmas," said Michael Arnott, Asda's HD TV buyer, reiterating that this is in no way a PR stunt.

In fairness, the Venturer TV does come with 720p resolution, Freeview tuner, one HDMI-in, widescreen aspect ratio and stereo sound.

What it lacks is good looks and, we expect, longevity. On the other hand, it's £50. You can't really go far wrong, can you? If you don't fancy queuing, you can try your luck online.

Other televisual clashes that Asda shoppers are worried about this Christmas holiday apparently include:

Great Expectations (BBC1) vs Big Fat Quiz of the Year (Channel 4) - 27 December

Eastenders (BBC1) vs Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (ITV1) - New Years Day

King Kong (ITV1) vs Tropic Thunder (BBC1) - 27 December

Bear's Wild Weekend with Jonathan Ross (Channel 4) vs Absolutely Fabulous (BBC1) - New Year's Day

Frozen Planet Christmas Special (BBC1) vs Come Dine with Me: Celebrity Christmas Special - 28 December

Great Expectations (BBC1) vs Paddy's 2011 Show and Telly (ITV1) - 29 December