HBO's solo service could launch with next Game of Thrones season

HBO's new service may look nothing like this

HBO will reportedly launch its new standalone service in April to coincide with the season 5 premiere of Game of Thrones on April 6.

That's what Fortune is saying, in a report that documents some alleged internal drama at HBO that may see the tech behind its standalone service outsourced rather than handled in-house.

That means the standalone HBO platform will likely be separate from HBO Go, and not simply a version of that service untethered from cable subscriptions, and it also muddies the future of HBO Go itself.

Apparently HBO had been working internally on a service codenamed "Maui," but that's reportedly been cancelled, with the job outsourced to MLB Advanced, a provider of streaming technology for companies like the WWE and others.

HBO Go experienced some outages during key times this past year, particularly related to Game of Thrones and True Detectives, and HBO reportedly wants to refocus on being a media company and not a technology company.

Via The Verge